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How To Get Millions of Hits Within Hours on Your Links

How To Get Millions of Hits Within Hours on Your Links

Hi all users, in our previous post " bot 2012" we have provide a bot that automatically clicks on your links and by reading it's review we have found that many user wants to increase their link's views so we have decided to make a tutorial on how to amazingly increase your link's view and we are sure that this will very helpful for you. So lets get started :

What is

It is a website where you get paid every time someone clicks on a link of yours. Depending on where you get your traffic from, you will get paid about $2 for 1000 clicks.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s horrible right? $0.002 for a single click? But that’s actually pretty decent compared to the other sites that get you about $0.30 per 1000. It is much better than Linkbucks, Linkbee, or any other competition.

Firs of all If you haven’t already signed up, go to :

And signup an account.

To get a huge amount of clicks on is pretty simple. Just go viral! I’ll give you an example. Sometime around June, there was a video going around on news websites of “K-Strass the Yo-Yo master”. It had quite a significant amount of mention on the news. So I thought, why not upload this video to YouTube and get some hits. Unluckily, I was late and the video had already been uploaded by someone else.

His video was up for 3 days, and had already gotten over 67 000 000 views!!! If only 20% the people visited an link, that would still be $40 000 in 3 days. However, the person who uploaded the video did not seem to monetize the video at all, making no money...

Now that guy was stupid. YOU can be different and make the $200 000 he never did. Here’s how


Get prepared. What you need is a program to download videos off websites such as “Download Helper”. You should also get a Free Screen Recorder, such as :

Also, register accounts on YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon and i-am-bored.


Start lurking around on US Breaking news websites, such as, and . You have to be very patient and wait around, until you find a good video with viral potential.

Examples of videos that are guaranteed to go viral- Ghost Videos (Michael Jackson’s ghost) Live TV stuff-ups (People swearing live on air, Celebrities hitting paparazzi, “Wardrobe malfunctions” ).

So just wait around until a video like this pops up on one of the news websites. It may take a while to find a good lead, you may have to wait several days. Bookmark the “Breaking News” sites and check back occasionally.

Just wait..........................................................
And wait....................................................


Got your video? Now it is time to act FAST. Try downloading the video using “Download Helper”. If it doesn’t work, what you have to do is record the video with your screen recorder. (Make sure the volume is right if you are recording).

Now upload the video onto YouTube. Make sure you have a good title, description and tags.


Submit your video to Digg, StumbleUpon and i-am-bored.


Take a break. You don’t need to do anything for the next few hours.


Now, check back on your video. If everything is working well as planned, you should have a few thousand views. If not, try and submit to more websites similar to .

Wait a few more hours.STEP 8

You should be getting thousands and thousands of hits by now. Links to your video should already be posted on Digg, StumbleUpon, and . You should be getting a steady flow of a few hundred views a minute now. So now it is time to monetize your video.


Find out what it is you want to link to. For example, a news story, Facebook group or anything related to your video. For this example, I will just choose a news article.


Create an link and mask it with . Masking the URL is VERY important.

Rename your URL to something like or whatever.


Now, create an annotation all through the video. To do this, click on “Edit Video” and click “annotations”. Place the annotation at the bottom of the video.

An example of an annotation would be -

Is Michael Jackson really dead? See the shocking new proof at the link in the description!!!!

Sadly, a lot of people don’t seem to click the links in the description. If only 50% of video viewers click the link, you should still be happy!

As with all viral videos, your one will only be popular for a few days. When all the hype dies down, and you are not getting enough money from , it is time to monetize it with and CPALead. So sign up at .

What are these sites? With LoudMo and CPALead, you get paid around $1 every time someone accesses your site. But before they can access they have to install a small program and complete a short, free to take survey.

A lot of people won’t be able to access your site but you will still get some diehard fans wanting to access whatever you link to.

So, go to and make a site. Put your content on the page and put a CPALead gateway on.
That’s All! Remember, no one got rich reading guides! Don’t be lazy and follow my instructions!



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