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How to Earn from Nuffnang

What is Nuffnang?

Nuffnang is the first Asia Pacific blog advertising community, with more than 100,000 Nuffnang bloggers over these countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. (Known as Nuffnang MY, Nuffnang SG etc)

It is very much like Google Adsense, except that Nuffnang only run their ads on blogs or websites. Every blogs that you submit needs the admin approval.

1. How to start earning with Nuffnang?

In Nuffnang, a blogger earns when ads are published at their blogs. In other words, to start earning, first you just need to have your own blog/domain, then, go and register to Nuffnang.
To register, please go to their Official Website:

2. Complete your Nuffnang Bio

Once you have your own account, congratulations. You have started your first step. Then, please proceed to completing your own bio data, such as occupations, information about your blog etc. If you have time, you should read GETTING STARTED in Nuffnang site, there are steps by steps guide for beginners.
Complete Your Bio HERE
Click to fill up/edit your bio

3. Add ads into Your Blog(s) / Domain

Once you have your own Nuffnang account with your complete bio and blog(s), now it is the time to put some ads into your very own blog(s)/domain(s). And yes, I mean you can add ads to multiple sites you have, thus increasing your earning power. 2 blogs with similar traffic means you gonna earn 2x, and 3 Nuffnang blogs and you gonna get 3x and so on.

3 types of ads are available:
1. Leaderboard (728 x 90)
2. Skyscraper (160 x 300)
3. Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

If you are computer illiterate, and you don't know anything about HTML etc, no worries. There are steps by steps guide on how to add the ads unit into your blogspot, wordpress, or other domains,

4. Example of Nuffnang Earnings

Metered Earnings VS Campaigns Earnings

Example of Metered Earning
As I mentioned earlier, bloggers get paid by getting their ads published. But, there are in fact 2 types of ads that will be run.

1. METERED EARNING - Ads are published for a certain period, and bloggers gain revenue by getting sufficient traffic, and CTR.

What is CTR: To reward blogs for good campaign performance, Nuffnang will now be giving out bonus earnings for blogs that achieve a CTR (Click-through ratio) of 0.2% or higher on new campaigns that run on their blog. This figure is based on average industry standards.

2. CAMPAIGNS EARNINGS - Ads are published with certain amount of fees, and will be run for a short period, and bloggers get paid for the fixed fees.

Campaigns Earnings

Example of Campaigns Earnings. All Nuffnang earnings will be sent via Nuffnang Cheque.

My 2nd Payout

Check from Nuffnang, MYR 77.94, or about USD 25.

UPDATE ( 12/12/2011)

Normally I can cash cut every 3-4 months. Rather fast revenue through metered earnings.

My site has an average daily unique visits of 600-750. (Updated 7/2/2012)

Example of sites with Nuffnang

See some sites with Nuffnang ads

If you have a site with Nuffnang, please kindly leave me a comment below I'll list them here after review. Please be reminded that all comments are moderated to avoid spam.
MY Blog
Traveling, Internet marketing, Modified cars!
Bits and chunks of Amber: My Life
Bits and chunks, here and there and everywhere. This is what my blog is about. Hello and welcome to My Life.
A sweet lady from Philippines

Currently running Metered ads (May 2012)

My third payout is coming out :D

Recent cashout (June 2012)

Roughly $20+

Another cheque, approximate $18+

5. How to cash out your earnings?

I like this the most! :)

Here is the exciting part. When your earnings reaches RM50 or more, the button 'Cash Out' will appear below your total earnings. Clicking the cash out button will bring you to a screen to confirm your home/office address, which the cheque will be sent to. (Refer to pic below)
Make sure the payee name, address is correct to ensure the cheque reaches you safe and sound.

6. TIPS and TRICKS about Nuffnang

Optimizing your earnings

If you are into online advertising, there are tons of tips and tricks online out there on how to maximize your earnings. BUT, how many can we afford to follow? and how many of us will spend money to buy some Ebooks to learn how to improve your blogs traffic and earnings?

Rules of Thumb

Having said that, there are few Rules of Thumb which every bloggers should try to achieve to have a average earnings.

1. The utmost important thing of a blog or a website is always the CONTENT.

There is nothing can beat this. If you have a interesting and attractive blogs, stories, information, updates, software, share it with others. The point is try to share some current issues, may it be in your own country or international news. Please, do not plagiarize, or copy and paste your content from other sites. This will mark your site on very low search engine as your blogs are labeled as "rubbish".

2. Getting sufficient NEW and RETURNING visitors

Yes, your blogs get hits from people around the world everyday, you may reach daily hits of 1000 if you use certain blog rotation sites. BUT, how many of them will stay, and will return to visit your blog again? Few good ways is by building your friends network, can be through Google Friends Connect, Blog Followers, Feed etc. Some people even create their very own Facebook Fan page for their site, in which people will linked to your blogs in some ways.

3. Making your ads NATURAL and COMFORTABLE

Some readers are very 'allergic' to ads, If they think your blogs is full of ads, and have little content, then your blogs is just another blogs who want to earn quick money. People read blogs from people with great passion and interest about blogging. The colours you used for your blog template, ads, also play a very important role. This can help in achieving your CTR, to gain you some extra earnings.


This is a very serious offense, in all online advertising company. May it be a direct offer, such as in Chatbox, or putting a note asking people to click your ads. This is definitely no no, and the ads serve no purpose if everyone clicks the ads because they want to 'help' each other. Your account will get banned and you will lose whatever you have earned. Please DO NOT try this.

5. Building PAGE RANK and EXPANDING your Blogs/Website

No man is an island. DO NOT be a solo hero, or heroine, trying to run your blogs alone. You need help from others to promote your blog, or building your blogs' Page Rank (PR) to gain sufficient weight in search engine. If you visited someone's blog, and it is worth commenting, leave them a good and genuine comment. NO SPAM please. Giving comment in return will link your site to their blog when you put your URL. Based on this so called back links, Google will determine how heavy is your site and how should they rank your site. Higher ranking means higher chance of getting top list in search engine.

6. Target Malaysia/Singapore Traffic

This is obvious that most of the advertisers are from local companies, such as Nestle, DiGi, Maxis, Celcom etc. Thus, in order to attract advertisers, you will need to have good local traffic, depending on your location, may it be Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, or elsewhere. REMEMBER, if you do not have good local traffic, opt for something else, Adsense might do you better if you have lots of traffic from United States, UK etc.


This is about some one who has serious interest in blogging and thinks blogging can gain real income. You can always buy a domain, with your own name of course, rather than using *.blogspot, or *.wordpress etc. Showing other people your site such as, shows that you are serious about blogging, and your information is reliable. Any Ali, Abu or Ah Meng can get a *.blogspot and start blogging and earning, BUT not everyone can have their own domains.
Example of available domains in Malaysia:


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