Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Earn Money With Pay Per Post

PayPerPost is one online business that can generate dollars by way of reviewingSo this program is a program PayPerPost Pay To ReviewVery easy to join PayPerPost is like. The trick is:

Please click here to register. Then enter your email and password, click Sign Up.
Submit Blog will appear to register your blog. 

url: the contents of the blog address
Desription: a description of your blog
Price per link: price per link to your blog
tt Price per word: price per word for paid reviews that we make on your blog. (If we are confused by the price to be determined. Well the solution is to use the facilities Suggest My price, and click the PayPerPost will advise prices for your blog)
Min adv rating: choose 50%
Allow adult content: if you want to receive the advertiser about adult content
Category: the category blog
Disclosure type: select in post
Preferred link type: select follow, no follow or either 

3.  Click the Next button to go to the next stage 

4.  Next up is the Claim Blog. How

We have to make a post and post it in the input sentence in there like in the red box below 

            "The xenophobia ironed a pancake", or  
We insert a sentence into the last post, or
We create a new post in which there was only a sentence below 


5. After creating and publishing post. Click Claim Blog. 6. After successful claim blog you will get an email from the PayPerPost. and please
waiting for a job offer will come to you.

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